Tubular Blind Motors

Elero’s tubular blind motors allow for the simplest and easiest blind automation system. They move gently and precisely, ensuring your blinds do not spoil. Best of all, they are known to be one of the quietest in the industry.

Solutions For Every Need

During the development of the RevoLine electronic drives, particular attention was paid to ensure that the electrical drives are matched optimally to the mounting situation concerned. A total of three different drive types have emerged. There is the “Rol” for the roller shutters. The “Sun” for awning and conservatory shading systems and the “Van” which can be used for both areas.

Venetian Blind Motors

Elero’s venetian blind motors are high in quality and are specially made for this purpose. Have your motorized venetian blinds do all the heavy lifting.

Top Quality

The indestructible, maintenance-free planetary gears. The splash-proof motor housing and the standard use of high-precision individual parts ensure the quality of our proven venetian blind motors.