Motorized Skylights

Skylights have long been used to allow natural light to fill up space. When opened, the intricate architecture shines as sunlight touches. Our innovative shading systems enable us to cover up your skylight when not needed. In fact, Estil’s skylight coverings help accentuate the beauty of your skylight. Much like how a curtain, gives life to the window.

Fixed tension system (FTS system)

The FTS system allows one to use solar shading or blackout fabrics across a flat surface. The surface can be flexible at any angle.

The hardware consists of dual motorized tubes with a piece of fabric in between. This allows the user to have complete control over the movement of the blind.

The final tension is to eliminate sagging between the fabric. This gives a clean and straight look.

Perfect for the modern home.

Folding canopy system (FCS system)

The FCS system folds the fabric in an intricate and beautiful manner. Its efficient and durable design could isolate above 80% of the direct light when fully closed. It also reduces about 30%-40% energy consumption of air conditioning.