About Us

Estil Furnishing is a homegrown manufacturer of Drapery, Soft Furnishing in Bedding Products and Shading Systems.With over 20 years of design experience working with the Hotel, Commercial and Residential sectors, Estil Furnishing is well recognized for delivering professionalism and quality in our products and services.Combining the knowledge gathered from our own research, together with quality imported materials, Estil Furnishing has managed to develop their own unique in-house brand of hardware used in shading systems and other soft furnishings. These efforts give Estil Furnishing the ability to offer a wider range of high-tech, yet user-friendly and trouble-free shading solutions for your needs.Even with our continued success, Estil Furnishing’s commitment to customer satisfaction has pushed them to constantly improve our production models to attain business excellence.

Make A Definitive Change

At Estil Furnishing, we provide a whole range of solutions to those who feel like their property requires something a little different. Whether its ripple fold curtains that you want or a large set of stage curtains for your theatre, we can help you. With more than 20 years of experience in crafting quality curtains that are fit for any purpose or style, made to order, we can be the reliable source of brilliant draping that you need. We provide curtains of all shapes and sizes, including hospitality curtains as well – so whether you are looking for the home, the office or the workplace we can help you create a bespoke order that fits your exact needs and budget. With our combined experience together with our artisan designers and easy to work with experts, we can create the ideal solution for your curtain needs as soon as you require them – so contact us HERE today if you want to know more about how Estil furnishing can help you develop the fashion and purpose of any room today.